Combining shop. salon. hotel


We at Dear Mutt are fellow animal lovers and like you, we want the best for your furry pals too. Our range of exclusive pet food and treats are specially imported from New Zealand and United States. Made from real meat, they contain no artificial fillers and ingredients. We also carry an organic line of bedding, pet clothes, and toys handpicked from Japan. Continuing the organic spirit, even the pet shampoos and conditioners we carry are from responsible and organic sources.


A grooming session at Dear Mutt isn’t a simple affair. We use only organic products and take time and care in showering every furry friend. We even add a soothing massage and play ambient music to help them relax. As a bonus, all pets get to check in to one of our rooms while waiting to be picked up. For the ultimate indulgence, we also offer a luxurious mud spa treatment that leaves them with the softest fur.


A cut above the rest, our rooms at Dear Mutt don’t consist of cages and crates. Our furry guests are housed in spacious and airy rooms where they get a good deal of space to stretch out and roam. Adopting an open concept, glass walls let in plenty of light for a bright and cheery mood. With a focus on hygiene, waste is always cleaned promptly and we offer complimentary showers if our guests accidentally soil themselves. Aromatherapy and ambient music in the background set the scene for a restful and homely stay.