Let Them Play

Can't accompany your furkids in the day?

We provide personalized doggy daycare services for all our furry friends in a safe, clean, fun and fully air-conditioned environment with constant supervision and complimentary walks by our staff.

Social Butterfly Mutt? Spend the day in our spanking new playroom with the rest of the pack! For dogs who require more personal space, private rooms are available as well.

Group sizes at Dear Mutt are kept small to ensure that your dog gets enough one-on-one attention from our team who will take care of each dog's unique needs.


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Our smol friends

8kg and below


Half Day | 4hr Playdate


A full day of play


Bubbles & Tumbles

Bath and a full day of play!


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Medium sized furkids

15kg and below


Half Day | 4hr Playdate


A full day of play


Bubbles & Tumbles

Bath and a full day of play!


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Biggest & Fluffiest

above 15kg


Half Day | 4hr Playdate


A full day of play


Bubbles & Tumbles

Bath and a full day of play!

  • Extensions for half day $5 / per hour

    Capped at full day rates.

Outdoor walks – one morning and one evening  – timing permitting
Indoor playtime & activities in a fully air-conditioned environment
Individual care if required
Photo/Video of your pup’s day

You may drop-off your pup anytime from 9am.
Latest pick-up is 7pm.

Pups not picked-up after 7pm will be charged a overnight rate based on available room.

Package discounts are available! 

  • 10% discount for 10 full-day daycare passes
  • 20% discount for 20 full-day daycare passes

Passes are valid 3 mths from date of purchase.


A Day at Doggy Daycare

Leaving your pet at daycare for the first time is like your child's first day of school. You’ll worry about whether they’ll miss you and whether they’ll make new friends. To quell some of your fears, we’ll walk you through a typical day at doggy daycare.

9 AM: Drop-Off

Drop-offs start at 9am. Drop-off is an exciting time. Friends are reunited and new introductions are made so it takes some time to settle down for the day.

10 AM: Outdoor Walks & Potty Breaks

Weather permitting, the dogs will sniff and stroll around the greenery surrounding Venus Park before heading back to air-conditioned comfort.

11 AM: PlayTime

Its indoors playtime at the Playroom where there's ample space to run and chase. Tons of toys and games are available to play with, to stimulate and encourage both mental and physical exercise.

Wondering what your pooch is up to? Our Playroom is also equipped with CCTV for access during Daycare hours.

1 PM: Nap-Time

Rest time to refuel or just take a load off. We encourage regular quiet and nap times as an overtired dog can get stressed. The dogs who have a mid day meal get an hour of quiet time after to ensure proper digestion.

3 PM: Cuddle PUddles

All day, the Dear Mutt team are with the dogs, playing, monitoring, and cuddling. This type of human interaction can help reduce separation anxiety behavior.

5-7 PM: Its Time to GO

Time to get ready to head home. Another round of sniffs & strolls while we await pickup.

From the moment they arrive at daycare, to the moment that they go home, the dogs are offered a safe, comfortable, and structured environment.

House Rules

For the safety and comfort of all guests

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Guests must be micro-chipped and licensed with AVS Singapore. A copy of owner identification would be requested otherwise.

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Guests must be current on vaccinations prior to drop-off. Titre Tests results are also accepted. Puppies must have completed all 3 vaccinations.

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Flea & Tick Prevention

Guests will need to go through a flea and tick assessment prior to check-in and be on tick & flea prevention.

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Guests will also need to be in good health and have not recently (last 30 days) been treated for a contagious disease. Intact dogs will be limited to a smaller playgroup.

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Guests have to be clean and odourless prior to drop-off. Alternatively, you may opt for our Tumbles & Bubbles program.

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For the safely of our staff and guests, if your dog has an unusual temperament, please contact us to arrange for a visit & assessment.