Bed, Bath and Beyond

At Dear Mutt, we aim to provide more than just a comfortable place for your furkids to stay in.
Here are some additional services you can find at our hotel.

Bubbly baths and Spa treatments

Good things happen to those who groom. We believe all pups deserve to be clean, fresh and have healthy skin. This is why we have a purpose built grooming area for all our guests and we only use the best and safest grooming and spa products for our furry friends to enjoy and indulge in!


  • Basic Groom $ 40 - $ 60
  • Just a Bath $ 25 onwards
  • Spa Treat $ 50 onwards
  • Nail Clip / Paw Shave $ 10


  • Basic Groom $ 50 - $ 70
  • Just a Bath $ 35 onwards
  • Spa Treat $ 60 onwards
  • Nail Clip / Paw Shave $ 10


  • Basic Groom $ 60 - $ 110
  • Just a Bath $ 50 onwards
  • Spa Treat $ 100 onwards
  • Nail Clip / Paw Shave $ 15 onwards


We are constantly on the hunt to bring in the best products for our guests. From doggy toys to pet food, our belief is to only sell items we are happy to give our own furkids (They make really good product testers and they work for treats!)

Drop by to find out what’s in store as our inventory is constantly evolving!