Our Rooms

Room rates vary by size of rooms and are calculated based per calendar night.
All prices below include 2x daily walks, indoor playtime and 24hr CCTV.


Our smallest room

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For our little friends
and those who pack light

8kg and below


per night


Our most popular size!

regularCreated with Sketch.

For medium sized furkids
and those wanting
a little more space

15kg and below


per night


More space to roam!

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For bigger dogs
who like to stretch out

above 15kg


per night


The largest room of all!

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For furry families
and our largest guests

flat rate for up to 2 guests


per night
  • Room Sharing $35 / per add. guest

    For guests from the same household subject to room limits

Two walks per day – one morning and one evening walk.
Individual indoor playtime & activities with our caretakers throughout the day
Daily feed according to owners’ instructions, including reheating of foods (if required)
24-hour live CCTV access via a mobile app
Daily Photo/Video updates
Complimentary shower for every week of stay

Check-ins are 3pm to 6pm and check-out is from 11am to 1 pm.
Please refer to our Add-ons Section for early check-in/late check-out options.

We advise owners to bring along their pets’ own food, bedding, toys, dishes and other daily necessities to help them settle in faster into the new environment. So please feel free to bring their favorite items 🙂

– dog food and treats
– Food and water bowls
– Toys
– Bed(if any)
– Leash and collar
– Pee tray or pee pad(if they use it at home)

Our rooms are spacious enough to accommodate more than one guest. If you have multiple guests checking in, you can choose to have them stay in the same room for an additional charge per guest.  Please see our Add-ons section

Note: Room sharing is only available for guests from the same household & subject to weight limits of each room.

10% discount for adopted dogs from Animal Welfare Groups (verification required)

10% discount when you book a minimum of 10 consecutive nights

20% discount for stays above 20 nights

House Rules

For the safety and comfort of all guests

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Guests must be micro-chipped and licensed with AVS Singapore. A copy of owner identification would be requested otherwise.

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Guests must be current on vaccinations prior to boarding. Titre Tests results are also accepted. Puppies must have completed all 3 vaccinations.

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Flea & Tick Prevention

Guests will need to go through a flea and tick assessment prior to check-in and be on tick & flea prevention during their stay.

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Guests will also need to be in good health and have not recently (last 30 days) been treated for a contagious disease.

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Guests have to be clean and odourless prior to check-in. Complimentary showers are given every 7 days. You may opt for a shorter shower cycle.

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For the safely of our staff, if your dog has an unusual temperament, please contact us to arrange for a visit & assessment.

Add-ons and extras

Customize your furkid's staycation!

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Pet Transport

  • One-way $30

    Up to 2 Furkids

  • Two-way $50

    Up to 2 furkids

  • Pawrent Transport +$10

    Or 3rd Pet onwards (per trip)

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Check-in / Check-Out

  • Early Check-In $8 / hr

    Check-in before 3pm

  • Late Check-out $8 / hr

    Check-out after 1pm

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Add. Bath & fluff

  • Small $25 onwards

    8kg and below - short hair

  • Medium $35 onwards

    15kg and below - short hair

  • Large $50 onwards

    For dogs above 15kg / long hair

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Room Sharing

  • Per Additional Guest $35

    Subject to room limits, fees are based on a per night basis.

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Holiday Surcharges

To keep us staffed during peak periods, holiday surcharges apply for Chinese New Year and the June and December school holidays. You will be notified of these fees upon booking. Additional fees are on a per night basis.


Check-in is from 3pm to 6pm and check-out is from 11am to 1pm. Early check-in or late check-out fees will apply.

Do indicate your projected check-in and check-out time during booking.

We operate daily from 8:30am to 7:30pm including public holidays.

However, to facilitate morning and evening walks and feeds, we open to the public from 10am to 6pm only.

During the hours when there are no caretakers at the hotel, there will be a staff monitoring the 24-hour CCTV at regular intervals.

We advise owners to bring along their pets’ own bedding, toys, dishes and other daily necessities to help them settle in faster into the new environment. Having familiar items around will calm them down and make them feel at home. If these cannot be arranged, we do sell a variety of bedding, toys, dishes in our shop.

We encourage owners to bring food that your dog is used to as abrupt changes to their diet can cause tummy upsets. If these cannot be arranged, we have a selection of  high quality dry and cooked pet food and treats at our store

When you book a room with us, it is exclusive to your pet only. However, if you have multiple pets, you can choose to have them stay in the same room for an additional charge.

We generally do not allow guests to interact with each other unless they are from the same household. Interaction with other dogs is only with the owner’s permission and if there are other guests of suitable size and temperament . This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests.

We accept senior dogs, or dogs with medical conditions on a case by case basis. Please contact us about your dog’s condition

We welcome owners to visit their pets as they are always happy to see their owners.
Owners can also appoint other family members and friends to visit their pets but this must be advised at check-in.
Our visiting hours are from 10am to 6pm daily – by appointment only as we will not allow unauthorised visitors into our hotel. 

Yes we do! We have prepaid packages of 10 nights and 20 nights available.